Company Valuation Tool

In M&A deals, the valuation is important in helping parties make decisions and often takes a lot of time, effort and cost before the parties reach a consensus on the value of the business needs pricing.

INMERGERS provides a completely free business valuation tool that uses a discounted cash flow formula to help businesses and investors get useful reference information in the decision to buy, sell or invest.

Results are completely dependent on the input data provided by the user. Therefore, the user is solely responsible for the information they provide when using the Tool as well as the decisions made based on the results received from the Tool.

Please provide actual information for the most accurate results

  • Average profit
    (Closest 1-3 years)
  • Average profit growth rate
    (Closest 1-3 years)
  • Expected Investment Interest rate
  • Capital contribution ratio corresponding to the investment
  • Expected investment years

DCF = 3.18 thousand