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Our app offers a safe haven for open conversations and expert consultations. Led by a dedicated female team, we're here to provide affordable, discreet, and reliable solutions for all your reproductive health needs.

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Pinky Promise App

Empowering Reproductive Health

Download our app from the Play Store to access a wealth of reproductive health services designed for your comfort and privacy. Join a community that prioritizes your well-being.


  • Instant Gynecologist Consultation

    Connect with our leading gynecologists within minutes for a minimal fee of Rs. 50. Ask your questions without hesitation.

  • At-Home Testing Services

    Book confidential blood and urine tests conducted discreetly at your home.

  • Gynecologist Verified Chatbot

    Get accurate information using our gynecologist verified chatbot instead of relying on online searches.

Key Challenges

Certainly, here are some potential key challenges that the pinky promise App might face:

  • Overcoming societal taboos and ensuring user privacy in discussing sensitive reproductive health topics.

  • Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of information and maintaining a safe environment.

  • Balancing the need for quality medical consultations while keeping services affordable and accessible.

  • Addressing potential barriers for users who may not be familiar with using mobile apps or online platforms.

  • Establishing trust among users for a new app in the reproductive health space.


Here are some potential solutions to address the key challenges.

  • Conduct awareness campaigns to normalize conversations around reproductive health.

  • Continuously update the chatbot's information through gynecologist validation and ensure stringent moderation in chatrooms.

  • Implement a pricing structure that offers a range of services, including free options and low-cost consultations

  • Design an intuitive app interface with clear instructions for users of varying digital literacy levels.


Our app, crafted by women for women, empowers you to take control of your reproductive well-being discreetly and confidently.