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We empower you to take control of your medical information effortlessly. Our platform enables you to securely store, organize, and acces all your medical records in one place, regardless of where you receive care.

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Introducing InfoMed App

Revolutionize Your Health Records.

Get started with InfoMed by downloading our app from the Play Store. Take charge of your health information and streamline your medical journey.


  • Centralized Record Keeping

    Capture documents, images, and data from various medical centers and store and organize for easy access.

  • Scheduled Exam Retrieval

    Request automatic retrieval of your medical exam results from different medical center websites.

  • Customizable Organization

    Categorize documents, medical orders, prescriptions, and more for a tailored experience.

Key Challenges

Certainly, here are some potential key challenges that the InfoMed App might face:

  • Ensuring the highest level of security to protect sensitive medical information.

  • Overcoming the challenge of integrating and synchronizing data from various medical centers’ system.

  • Designing an intuitive interface that accommodates users with varying degrees of technical proficiency.

  • Facilitating effective communication between patients and doctors regarding the sharing and usage of medical records.


Here are some potential solutions to address the key challenges.

  • Implement advanced encryption techniques and strict security measures to safeguard user data.

  • Develop robust API integrations to securely fetch and synchronize medical records from different medical center websites.

  • Prioritize a user-friendly interface with clear navigation and comprehensive guides for users of all levels.

  • Utilize web scraping technology to retrieve exam results from medical center websites with varying structures.


InfoMed streamlines your medical journey. With the ability to share information with healthcare providers and a unique "Family Plan" feature, InfoMed enhances your overall healthcare experience.